Transformative Mediation Training in New York

Monday, 14 June 2010, 16:52 | Category : Mediation, Training
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JP at HofstraI had the recent privilege to attend a one-week intensive training course with Baruch Bush, law professor at the Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation at Hofstra University in New York and co-author of The Promise of Mediation, a book which has had a huge impact on the theory and practice of mediation since a first edition was published in 1994. I had discovered the book shortly after it came out, and it was my source of inspiration when I decided last year to prepare and give a course on Mediating Complaints of Workplace Harassment at the Quebec Bar (incidentally, all the courses available at the Bar are open to the general public, not just lawyers).

Compared to the information gathered from a book, however well written, the concrete experience of actually being shown and taught how and why to practice the latest moves in transformative mediation as developed by a network of researchers, mediators and trainers over the past 15 years, was very stimulating and rewarding. It was truly inspiring to be in the presence of a master mediator and his hand-picked team of colleagues for a whole week. I come back from New York with a deepened understanding of the transformative model of mediation, better equipped to help people deal with interpersonal conflict in the workplace and to help mediators who attend my trainings to grasp the fundamentals of this powerful tool for positive change.

- John Peter Weldon

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