Celebrating a Milestone!

Friday, 15 October 2010, 15:50 | Category : News
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Institute for the Study of Conflict TransformationJohn Peter Weldon is the first mediator in Quebec to receive accreditation as a Certified Transformative Mediator™ from the Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation (ISCT), based at Hofstra University in New York. The ISCT was founded in 1999 to study and promote understanding of conflict and intervention processes from the transformative perspective. The Institute supports and provides a forum for the work of scholars and practitioners in the conflict intervention field, inspired by Robert A. Baruch Bush and Joseph P. Folger, co-authors of The Promise of Mediation.

Certification is based on a mediator’s successful completion of the Summative Assessment Process developed by the Institute. This process evaluates not what the candidate claims to be doing in mediation, but what he or she is in fact doing, as revealed by a video taken during an actual or simulated mediation session.

Candidates are required to indicate where on the video they consider they have successfully applied the transformative model, where they have strayed from it, as well as the impact on the parties of both types of intervention. This self-critique is then evaluated by a senior assessor of the Institute, who makes his own assessment of the demonstration video, which if positive, leads to an in-depth interview on these and other key aspects of the mediator’s observed practice.

Certification is awarded to the candidate who successfully completes both stages of the assessment.

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