Network for a Transformative Approach to Conflict is launched

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Six months after the Transformative Mediation training given by Robert A. Baruch Bush and John Peter Weldon at the Quebec Bar in Montreal, fifty predominantly French-speaking professionals have joined together in the Reseau pour une approche transformative du conflit.

This dynamic new network has rapidly attracted not just lawyer-mediators, but also labor arbitrators and conciliators, HR directors and consultants, management and union representatives, workplace bullying investigators, collaborative lawyers, law professors, an ombuds, a retired judge, and the vice-dean of a medical school, all of whom have received basic training in transformative mediation and have chosen to nurture and develop a transformative dimension to their practice.

An approach quite unlike any other, transformative mediation is still relatively unknown in French-speaking Quebec. Interventionist but non-directive, self-structuring, and based on self-determination and self-regulation, the transformative model was adopted in 1998 by the US Postal Service, the United States’ second largest employer. Their goal? Creating a healthier and safer climate in a workplace traumatized by over 30 separate gun-related lethal incidents and weighed down by a backlog of over 14,000 workplace discrimination complaints. The very positive results of the REDRESS Program’s first ten years of application have been fully documented by lead researcher Lisa Bingham and her research team at Indiana University.

Enthusiasm was palpable at the network’s launch on October 27, 2011, at the gracious Montreal home of prominent Quebec labor arbitrator, mediator and lawyer Maureen Flynn, a graduate of Hofstra University Law School’s Mediation, Principles and Practice training in Hempstead, NY, given by Mr. Bush, co-author of The Promise of Mediation and co-founder of the Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation.

Based on the values of co-development, mutual support, and outreach, the new network is slated to play a major part in helping to make the transformative option available in the French-speaking world, not only in Canada, but also in France, where mediator and trainer Marianne Souquet has become the network’s first overseas partner.

Network spokesperson John Peter Weldon expressed his gratitude to attendees for a response that exceeded all expectations and for beginning to provide the critical mass necessary to support the public’s freedom to choose the type of professional best suited to help them through a conflict.

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