John Peter Weldon named Professor of Mediation at Hofstra U. School of Law

Monday, 9 April 2012, 11:09 | Category : Mediation, News
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John Peter Weldon has been named an Adjunct Professor of Mediation at Hofstra University’s School of Law, Hempstead, Long Island, the cradle of transformative mediation under the leadership of Distinguished Professor Robert A. Baruch Bush, co-author of The Promise of Mediation and co-founder of the Institute for the Study of Conflit Transformation.

Professors Miller, Bush, and Weldon

Professors Miller, Bush, and Weldon

During the week of January 2-6, 2012, John Peter, together with Professors Baruch Bush et Jody Miller, co-taught the  intensive 40 hour training Mediation Principles and Practice, offered twice-yearly to 2nd and 3rd year Law students as well as to beginning and experienced mediators from outside the university. John Peter was very impressed with the ease with which this dynamic group of mainly “Y” Generation students took to the highly participatory nature of the transformative approach to conflict.

John Peter has been teaching Mediating Complaints of Workplace Bullying from a Transformative Perspective, a 3-day training limited to 12 participants, several times a year since 2009 through the Continuing Legal Education Service of the Quebec Bar. In 2010, he was authorized to translate the Institute’ s Mediation Principles and Practice course manual into French, which he has now integrated into his own trainings in Quebec and in France. Mr. Weldon’s next course in Montreal will be offered to both lawyers and non-lawyers alike  from October 17-19, 2012.

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